About Us.

Captain John’s has created the conditions for a pleasant lunch or dinner.

The feast of dishes and tastes, from pure raw material, our exceptional cuisine, result of capability, inspiration and fantasy as well as our 42th experience, make Captain John’s the  ideal destination.

We are expecting you at the idyllic Microlimano to hearty welcome you, loyal to the principles of hospitality.

*You choose your company.

*We undertake private and corporate events.



Tomato, cucumber, onion, olives, peppers, olive oil

Rocket, semi sundried tomato, hazelnuts, green apple, creamy cheese from Domokos with citrus vinaigrette

Green lettuce, radicchio, smoked salmon, grilled zucchini, carrot with dill vinaigrette

-Mixed Salad
Red lettuce, green lettuce, french lettuce, radicchio, cherry tomatoes, shaved almond, grilled haloumi cheese with honey vinaigrette

-Boiled Vegetables
-Fishroe paste
-Herring paste


-Zucchini balls with aromatic yoghurt
-Feta croquette with coriander pesto
-Saganaki cheese with fig marmalade
-Mushrooms with oxymeli vinaigrette
-Fresh fried potatoes
-Marinated anchovy
-Mussels in steam
-Grilled octopus *with tomato paste vinaigrette
-Sautee squid *with fennel salad
-Fried squid *with harissa mousse
-Fried anchovy, whitebait
-Crawfish *crumb with caper dip
-Grilled shrimps *No1 in ouzo sauce
-Shrimps *No4 in tomato sauce with feta cheese
-Fried shrimps *No4 with green pepper dip
-Fried cod fish with anise aroma and skordalia
-Variety of sea food (for 2 or 4 persons)
With shrimps, octopus, anchovy, squid, zucchini balls with aromatic yoghurt, fish roe paste

Pasta and Risotto

-Shrimp RIsotto
With fresh onion, caper, garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil

-Beetroot Risotto
With spearmint, olives and whipping cream

-Mussel Risotto
With garlic, zucchini, leek, fresh onion and whipping cream

-Shrimp Bavette
With fresh onion, cherry tomatoes, ouzo and spearmint

-Salmon Bavette
With beet, caper, tsipouro and dill

-Seafood Pasta
With mussels, octopus, shrimps

-Lobster Pasta (for 1 person)




Fish per kilo

-Open Sea Fish
Dorado, sea bass, sargo, red mullet, dentex, sole fish, skaros, grouper, sea bream

-Fish Pond Fishes
-Dorado, sea bass
-Prawns Jumbo *No1
-Fresh Shells
-Cockles, Glossy’s

With raisin sauce and potato puree

With fresh fried potatoes

-Pork Fillet
With mavrodafni wine- mastic liquor sauce and rice

Grilled witj spearmint sauce and rice

Meat Dishes


-Mastic Mousse
With wild cherry syrup

-Chocolate Pie
With wild cumin scoop, honey –lime syrup

-Walnut Pie
-Seasonal Fruit salad

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